Mary Makebelive - Abbey Theatre

There has been lots of mixed reactions to many shows in the Dublin Theatre Festival but one show to which there can be no mixed reaction is "Mary Makebelive" a play adapted by Fergus Linehan from James Stephens novel "The  Charwoman's Daughter". The performance of the cast must be high praised due to the wonderful and delicate pace directed by Domy Reiter-Soffer. He managed to conjure the hustle and bustle of the busy streets Trams and cars by sheer Theatrical magic and expertise, It is a coup to the Abbey Theatre. I highly recommend it and I would say it is definitely the success of the Dublin Theatre Festival.                                                 
Gay Byrne- RTV

Rejoice and be grateful that James Stephens "Charwoman's Daughter" a fantasy of the Dublin Theatre Festival called "Mary Makebelieve" at the Abbey Theatre is one of the best Play I have seen for a long time. Domy Reiter-Soffer directed the play with expertise and brilliance, and gave the cast a wonderful vehicle and discipline to create a wide canvas of magic and drama. One doesn't often have the chance to go into transports of joy over a production and it's very rare to be able to say that something couldn't be improved upon. But this is a hit of the Dublin Theatre Festival.
Fanny Feehan- The Sunday Tribune

This time the Abbey Theatre look like having both a critical and a popular success  on their hands and with the team of James Stephens story inspiration and Domy Reiter-Soffer Direction to pull along with them this was certainly to be expected.
The cast is splendid and the action is both fluid and moving. Reiter- Soffer's staging and precise drilling of the three – person team "Liffeyers" who prance right through the action as chorus-cum minor roles, has given  great sharpness to the production. Both Rosaleen Linehan and Brid Ni Neachtain were as mother and daughter were powerful and touching. This is no doubt the best play in the Dublin Theatre Festival.
Ginnie Kennealy- Sunday Times

Mary Makebelieve premiere at the Abbey Theatre last night as part of the Dublin Theatre, is no doubt the most engaging and moving piece of theatre and the most accomplished of the Festival. The delicate direction of Domy Reiter-Soffer is apparent and not surprising that the whole evening moved with ease and graceful subtlety. Rosaleen Linehan and Brid Ni Neachtain gave a beautifully controlled and moving performance. The rest of the cast moved the action with expertise and magic. The Abbey Theatre has a crock of gold on their hands.
David Nowlan-The Irish Times

Mary makebelieve is a real winner, The cheers of the capacity audience last night at the Abbey Theatre is still ringing in my ears and deservedly so. This production is a triumph its conception is brilliantly original. Domy Reiter-Soffer direction was flowless and very precise. He managed to move the action seamlessly from a street to bedsits to a Park  with much needed vindication of the virtue of optimism.
Once again it is bouquets all around, especially for Director Domy Reiter-Soffer that made his cast move with flair and energy.
Lindie Naughton-The Irish Press  

The new play at the Abbey Mary Makebelieve is bright brash and funny and a great night out. Based on James  Stephen's The Charwoman's Daughter, a story of a slum kid played by Brid Ni Neachtain and her mother Rosaleen Linehan. The play is directed by Domy Reiter-Soffer with such expertise and magic that made the cast shine from beginning to end. A wistful charming piece of theatre that is worth seeing and even queuing for.
Leslie Taylor- The evening Herold

Mary makebelieve at the Abbey Theatre is brave and exultant show directed with expertise and high professionalism by Domy Reiter-Soffer. Based on James Stephens The Charwoman's daughter a story from rags to riches. Charming and wistful and deserves a place in this Theatre Festival. I went out of theatre with a smile.
John Barber- The Daily Telegraph