Domy Reiter- Soffer- A Many Faceted Artist

Domy Reiter-Soffer is a creative person, who gives “Gestalt” to visions of his mind and imagination in a variety of artistic expressions such as painting, dance, music and drama, choreography and décor.
By having a personality of many facets, Reiter-Soffer has the geniuses with more than one talent and not limited to one form of artistic expression.
Creativity in all its phases, forms, and stages is Domy Reiter-Soffer's greatest marvel, as it has been for man during all the history of mankind. It is a spark filched from the creator, bestowing upon this man, powers denied to many and instilling him with the consciousness of being apart. Any creatively gifted person possesses talent, but genius is possessed by talent.
The world of art has a tendency to produce continually creative individuals who are at once heirs to all that has come before them and at the same time in revolt against their immediate predecessors. Domy Reiter-Soffer seems to be one of those artists that respects new modes by conversing both with his contemporaries and with those who have to come in the future.  
Dr. Miriam Orr


Art – The Danish Royal Academy, Francis Bacon, John Paddy Carstairs in London, Yossi Stern – Jerusalem
English History Drama – Fanny Luvitsch at Habimah School of Dramatic, Art. Royal Academy of Dramatic Art,
Copenhagen Music – Bent Isaksen in Copenhagen and Rud Yacov in Israel .

Exhibition A Feast To The Eye

“Domy Reiter-Soffer's exhibition of oil paintings at the Congregational Gallery is a feast for the senses. Mr. Reiter-Soffer succeeds in enhancing the fusion of color to stimulate the subject making it real and emotional. His subjects vary, encompasses a large spectrum of life and nature giving it an individual insight, atmosphere and immediate impact at the same time.
Reiter-Soffer's approach to painting is entirely different and one understands why his artistry and work is in such demand. His work is exceptional because he succeeds in fusing the eye and the mind to do more than merely state a view or a situation; it is this fusion that is the complete experience one looks for in art”.
(Susan Foote- Arts International volume xxxv)

“Domy Reiter-Soffer- (Leopold Gallery) is a painter, musician, designer and a choreographer. Many of his oils communicate the artist's experiences around the world whether in nature or people in their relationships to one another, as they seem to him as a sensitive observer, not a participant. Others disclose an entirely private world, ethereal and full of lyrical colour, peopled by a femininity as insubstantial as clouds, and these are some of the most attractive of his work, a translucent lightness and dramatic at the same time”.
(Richard Walker- Arts Review)

“This art exhibition is with a difference; an artist who is a renaissance man paints the 40 works. He is not only an artist he is also a stage director, choreographer, sculpture, musician and a designer. His works are of life and nature full of temperament and Esprit de Corps. Most of these works were full of emotional statements strange and very theatrical. I found it riveting and absorbing because of the fusion of colours and the technique being so intense and unusual using different mediums and means to depict the very essence of each subject. The appealing part of the exhibition is that the Season Gallery, which has the space to house such an exhibition without the feeling of being cramped, and as a result one can enjoy the full impact of these works. It is indeed a striking exhibition full of movement and drama”.
(Dora Sowden- The Chronical)

“Domy Reiter-Soffer's exhibition at the Wayne gallery Bond Street , a Georgian building flooded with special lights creating a wonderful atmosphere. Here Reiter-Soffer is showing his flowing watercolours and oils, very theatrical, highly charged with movement and manifestations. The impact of these works is easily achieved by the fusion of colour and the fluidity of his technique. The works are riveting and full of impact, challenging the observer to want to look again and again”.
(John Gainsborough- Arts Review xxix).


Karuna Gallery in Richmond Square Centre presents Domy Reiter-Soffer's First Canadian exhibition.Domy Reiter-Soffer is unusual artist in that is an accomplished painter, sculpture, set and costume designer, theatrical director as well as a choreographer.
The 22 oil paintings are distinguished by bold, vivid colors, which fill the large canvas with movement and beauty. Some with primal-looking nude figures- often embracing or cradling each other-merge with vibrant backgrounds, and distinct powerful style, layered technical excellence of rushing colors making an extraordinary impact and effect.
Many of the titles have Biblical connotations: Burning Bush, Out of Eden, and Desert Psalm etc… There is a strong mood of unity and joy in one picture called “Ecstasy”, and poignant large canvas called “Together”.
The skill in which the dramatic effect achieved is astounding and the whole exhibition has a tone of excitement and wonder. The paintings are in display for two weeks, I urge everyone to come and view it”.
Alison Mayes- The Calgary Herald

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