Mary Makebelive - Gate Theatre

A memorable Performance of Mary Makebelieve at the Gate Theatre last night was indeed a big hit with the audience. With a cast so slick and well rehearsed and excellent Director makes this play unique and special. Adapted from James Stephen's The Charwoman's Daughter by Fergus Linehan making it very workmanlike, very likeable and no doubt will be a hit.
Rosaleen Linehan played the mother and Jacinta Whyte  played her daughter with a touching and wistfulness that hit the emotional note every time and made the relationship special. The badly- intentioned policeman with whom Mary falls in love was superbly played by Barry McGovern.
The Director Domy Reiter-Soffer has done a marvelous job in opening up the stage making the action move seamlessly without effort creating intimate and  interesting  action to watch on the stage. This is indeed a gem of a show to be proud of, a show that will run for a long time.
Noleen Dowling- The Irish Press

Mary Makebelieve is a slice of theatrical magic at the opera house last night, It is gentle and gossamer that made the audience cheer the  splendid performers on stage. There was no Hollywood cast of thousands but just six people on stage creating sense of a big show, through great movement, costume switches and smashing delivery. Adapted from James Stephen's The Charwoman's Daughter with play by Fergus Linehan.
Director Domy Reiter-Soffer moved the action with such gusto and theatricality that made the audience sit at the edge of their seats.
Declan Hassett-The Examiner
Domy Reiter-Soffer's new production of Mary Makebelieve for the Gate Theatre is more developed, more elaborate, than his original production first seen few years ago at the Abbey theatre. Expertly directed with sheer magical moments. Mary Makebelieve is a real Coup for the Gate Theatre
 David Nolan-Irish Times

There is a lot of charm, and superb whirl of elegance in "Mary Makebelieve" at the Gate Theatre Dublin. Based on James Stephens' Novel The Charwoman's Daughter adapted by Fergus Linehan. The production is delightful directed and staged by Domy Reiter-Soffer with a true Stephens' spirit giving the cast tremendous scope and challenging opportunity.
Mary Makebelieve is a great success for the Gate Theatre and should run Forever.
Emer O'kelly-Sunday Independent

Size isn't everything as a top- class, six member cast proved with  "Mary Makebelieve a new Play opened at the Gate Theatre. Jointly written by Fergus and Rosaleen Linahan and drawn from James Stephens' Novel The Charwoman's Daughter, it's a fast- moving and very enjoyable show. Deftly Directed by Domy Reiter-Soffer, giving opportunities to the magnificent cast to shine.
Barry McGovern steals the moment with the very comic a policeman in Love, Nicholas Grennell Eileen Reid and Joe Savino shine as the Liffeyers chorus. It was Indeed a Pleasure and Plaudits all around.
Frank Shouldice- Irish Press

Big Hollywood Musical productions with massive budgets, large casts and special effects that would put Hollywood to shame. Have made us forget the simpler pleasures of the musical stage, Mary Makebelieve reminds us of what can be done with a cast of six , and sensitive Direction. Adapted by Fergus and Rosaleen Linahan from  James Stephens' novel The Charwoman's Daughter.
The action is driven along by the chorus of three Liffeyers, Nicholas Grennell, Joe Savino and Eileen Reid with energetic and well up to the demands made on them by the Director Domy Reiter-Soffe, a fact well planned action of the production creating an atmosphere of the Dublin of the day  astonishingly well.
Noeleen Dowling- Evening Press

Rags-to-Riches delight as a palatable restorative, as a reminder of days when innocence was an integral and charming part of life, and as a means of passing a couple of most beguiling hours, "Mary Makebelieve" at the Gate Theatre Dublin. Although it is modest in dimensions, it has a huge appeal and unbounded delight. Adapted by Fergus Linehan from James Stephen's novel and Directed by Domy Reiter-Soffer with flowing movement, mime and action which is an exciting visual treat. It is just right for a fanciful dream-come- true show.
Desmond Rushe- Irish Independent.