The Fantasticks - Shelbourne

Of all the musical comedies ever written, "The Fantasticks" must surely be the one most suited to post-prandial assimilation. In its thoroughly professional reincarnation  at the Shelbourne last night, it remained, after so many years the most literate and witty exploration of sentimentality, to drive its points home in enjoyable and undemanding fashion.
Domy Reiter-Soffer Directed for Noel Pearson production in a fashion that moved gorgeously, and assiduously avoided the obvious. Jim Doherty's direction of Harvey Schmit's Music was crisp and brisk. Phillip O'Brien gave the performance of the evening with Derek Young's Amos Babcock Bellamy was a perfect and funny foil. Dermot Tuohy most wickedly joking as the aging actor, and Peter Caffrey as his extra who gave us the two funniest death seen in Dublin Theatre this year or last. It's a lovely night out. Don't miss it.
David Nowlan- The Irish Times

You will not find a more satisfying, and indeed exhilarating production of "The Fantasticks" than the one given under Noel Pearson banner at the Shelbourne. It has everything going for it-a cast inexhaustible in vitality; lightness of touch, and professional punch and touch by Director Domy Reiter-Soffer.
A splendid evening full of joy and fun and had endured better than I thought when I first saw it many years ago off Broadway.
John Finegan- The evening Herold

The Fantasticks achieves new effects and has a beguiling innocence, and this quality is engagingly evoked in this production presented by Noel Pearson at the Shelbourne Theatre  and directed by Domy Reiter-Soffer.
The work has enjoyed immense success in New York and indeed in Dublin, Domy Reiter-Soffer direction achieves a generally excellent effect and moves the action excitingly and without any effort and made the performance an attractive element of fresh spontaneity.
The young lovers of Teresa O'Dowyer and Robert Weckler are very Sympathetic, and the respective fathers of Philip O'Brien and Derek Young are excellent in their rather bumbling paternal concern.
Brian De Salvo is an accomplished El Gallo and Dermot Tuohy and Peter Caffrey add a flavoursome touch of comedy as the old actors.
The Fantasticks is most enjoyable, well directed with excellent cast and should run for a long time.
Desmond Rushe-The Irish Independent

Talking about melodies lingering on, hearing "Soon it's gonna rain" has always set me to whistling like a distracted meteorologist. It is of course "The Fantasticks" at the Shelbourne and it is a show-stopper.  If there is any big time talent scouts around to see them, the two young stars of the show are surely on their way. Teresa O'Dwyer  combines a rare freshness and charm with the kind of voice that gives pleasure with every note, and Robert Weckler can act,  sing and project a most engaging boyish quality, together they are irresistable. This is a musical which permits each of the cast to make an impact, if they have what it takes, and here they really do. Brian De Salvo is the perfect El Gallo giving a fine rendition of the hit "Try to Remember". Derek Young and Philip O'Brien cause many convulsions as the wacky fathers, and the strolling players of Dermot Tuohy and Peter Caffrey are blissfully bizarre. The perfection of it all is its own tribute to Director Domy Reiter-Soffer who manages to create a sharp and moving production of high quality with expertise.
An evening to be merry and I fully recommend the show unreservedly
Michael Sheridan- Hibernia