The Irish Eve - Maltings Theatre

The Irish Eve at the Maltings with Ann Qauin was received deservedly with a great response from the audience. The performance and direction of high quality that we rarely experience nowadays. The evening is an evocation of the Irish woman from the various insights of Irish writers into her nature and the roles expected of her. From the heroic Celts to the present time.
All of this is a wide and various scale, demanding swift changes of the role and mood. Running from the heavily dramatic to the tenderly lyrical, requiring of the performer skills of voice and movement capable of switching from one role to another with ease and expertise. This is managed beautifully by Miss Quain and she would the first to admit by the director Domy Reiter-Soffer. With all the words used on the stage, so dangerously close to a plethora of rhetoric, fatness so easily could have occurred, both in the thing itself and its delivery, but instead we have lineament and bone whether passionate or lyrical, these come through and are sustained. The Show is superb moves seamlessly and deserves several visits.
Robert O'Donoghue- The Examiner

The Irish eve, Ann Quain's show at the Maltings Theatre depicting varied aspects of the Irish women down through the centuries, from the legendary women of history to the brave mothers willing to sacrifice their sons for the freedom struggle
The Show traces womankind as seen through the eyes of poets, writers and dramatists .From Synge, Frank O'Conner Midnight Court To O'Casey and Robert O'Donoghue "Not with Trumpets". Ann Quain successfully managed to portray these characters with versatility and gusto. The show was directed with much care and expertise by Domy Reiter-Soffer.
Isabel Conway- The Irish Press

The Irish Eve opened at the Maltings Theatre last night to a rave reception from the audience. The show is intriguing ranges in time from Celtic heroism down to the disillusioned present.
Ann Quain as eve comes across as a composite being, a creature as ancient as she is contemporary from anonymous early poem aptly entitled "Eve" to Robert O'Donoghue's "Not with Trumpets" the figure emerges recognizably and movingly.
Marvelously Directed by Domy Reiter-Soffer that gave Miss Quain the possibility to demonstrate verbal capacity and the facility to move into whatever role or mood swiftly and accurately.
David Nolan- The Irish Times