Cul-de-Sac- Irish theatre Ballet

"The versatility of the Irish Theatre Ballet Company never fails to amaze, and the latest addition to its repertoire will add considerably to its reputation. This is "Cul de Sac" a modern ballet which was given its premiere last night at the Opera House. The most difficult of all situations to be conveyed through the medium of dance is the commonplace. We accept classical ballet for its purity and scenic effectiveness. But the suggestion of the ordinary, everyday horror is an achievement rare enough to be almost the preserve of the more daring of contemporary ballets. This is the achievement of "Cul de Sac". An honest outspoken translation of an unfortunate but commonplace human circumstance. This is a dance drama of immense interest. It was choreographed by Domy Reiter Soffer, who is already accepted as a dancer of great potentiality, is rapidly developing as a realistic balletic poet. His choice of music George Gershwin's second concerto is intensely appropriate for its searing reflection of emotions of modernity renders it all the more sympathetic to the bitter hopelessness of the theme of the ballet. A young girl caught in a vicious circle of immorality meets and falls in love with a stranger, but lacks the courage to break away from her way of life. It would be just to devote much more space to the achievement of Domy Reiter Soffer in this work, But the praise also must go to the cast Joahnne O'Hara who danced the young girl superbly and Julia Cotter virtuous performance as the Madam, and Domy Reiter Soffer as the Young stranger. The ballet's impact was tremendous. A fast moving colourful and evocative work, "Cul de Sac" is a memorable also for a love motif which, woven against a background of violence and apathy gleams with tenderness and is most movingly portrayed".
Geraldine Neeson- (The times).

"Cul de Sac" with choreography by Domy Reiter Soffer to Music of George Gershwin was in the modern, naturalistic manner, presenting a sad tale in evocative and vivid intricate dance patterns. Domy Reiter Soffer is a young choreographer with a considerable talent, as well as a dancer. The ballet content is interesting and the choreography is full of vigour and beauty, expressing the sad tale with pathos and at times in a savage impact. The high standard of the dancers expressed the piece in an honest dramatic way. Julia Cotter as the Madam danced superbly as did Joahne O'Hara the young girl who falls in love with a stranger (Domy Reiter Soffer) all gave an exciting mature performance. The Irish Theatre Ballet has a winner and a great addition to the Repertoire".
Mary Leland- (The Independent).

"Cul de Sac" danced by the Irish Theatre Ballet music by Gershwin and intelligent, interesting choreography by Domy Reiter Soffer (the Company's principal dancer) was indeed the highlight of the evening. A sordid sad tale danced with passion and pathos with an exhilarating dancing by the company's principals and Corps. A welcome addition to the Company's repertoire".
Many McGoris-(The Irish Press).

"The Irish Ballet Company opened its season with an interesting piece by their principal Dancer Domy Reiter Soffer to George Gershwin music. "Cul de Sac" is indeed a wonderful departure for the dancers and company alike and undoubtedly the highlight of their season. The ballet is a dramatic tale of a girl who falls in love with a stranger but cannot escape her sordid life. The expressive choreography gave the dancers the vehicle to explore in a wide cinematic canvass of movement and emotion the very essence of the tale, and the audience reacted accordingly".
Gus Finegan- (The Sunday Independent)

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