Lady of the Camellias- Hong Kong Ballet


“Lady of the Camellias, a new production danced by the Hong Kong Ballet in the Cultural Centre, was a successful example of adapting a novel to a ballet. The story is well known and choreographer Domy Reiter-Soffer has designed the décor and also the costumes.
Domy put the emphasis on the love relationship between the protagonists Marguerite and Armand, from their first meeting, Falling in Love then being forced to part by Armand's Father and eventual death. The love was shown in outstanding duets with a gradual elevation to firm and solid acceptance of each other, these duets were the highlights of the ballet. Li Yan was beautiful as Marguerite dancing with He Da Wei as Armand, both expressed the roles very well, surrounded by the world of demi-mondains. Prudence, Marguerite's good friend, was another outstanding portrayal by Ayako Fujioka. Her character was in contrast to that of Marguerite, flirtatious, cheerful indulging in the world that surrounds her, she was outstanding in her drunken scene and then in the last act seeing her friend dying, was most touching. The whole ballet is focused on the main story line and changes of emotions rather than just dancing for the sake of it. The story Line is very clear and the choreography was consistent and tightly arranged”.
(Ta Kung Pao- Daily News)


“ Hong Kong Ballet's new production of Lady of the Camellias by the internationally known choreographer Domy Reiter-Soffer is most successful. The everlasting love story is well known in the east. This production is glamorous full of visual and psychological appeal bringing to life the pure love between Marguerite and Armand, the luxury and voluptuousness of the era creating a strong contrast between passion and reality. Domy Reiter-Soffer has cut all the boring details and concentrated on the essentials. The two different loves between Marguerite and Armand and Marguerite and Count de Giray who see to her financial needs. Li Yan as Maguerite excelled in portraying the role beautifully and powerfully, her confusion her passion mixed with sadness, as she had to give up Armand, prohibited by the father and in the end dying destitute in the arms of her beloved. Da He Wei as Armand was outstanding in the role, his strong technique and powerful presence conveyed his love and passion perfectly. The scenes of the courtesans, the lust of the nobles and the cruel fate and true love were all clear and danced outstandingly with great panache.
Choreographer Domy Reiter-Soffer has also designed the set and costumes; this Multi Talented Artist has created a perfect combination and harmony to the fullest extent. The garden scene, the lavish and touching Opera, the elegance of the boudoir the freshness of the country and the Casino Danse Macabre in the third act all show vividly the different elements in Art Nouveau style with a great skill and artistry.
The music by Saint Saens was extremely effective and very apt to the period serving the ballet admirably. The company achieved a high standard in this brand new production and it is a great success for the Hong Kong Ballet.
(Hung Kin-Ming - Beiging Daily).

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