Moods-Irish theatre Ballet


"An electrifying Jazz Ballet By Domy Reiter Soffer was the highlight of the evening, which gives five phases of the jazz age with verve and humour, and in which the company spread themselves with such energy and vigour that one almost convinced that half the Royal Ballet was on stage".
Seamus Kelly- (The Times).

"Moods is a ballet in the Jazz idiom and it enabled the company to relax and enjoy itself and the audience. The 1920's variation was especially energetic and funny as well as the love duet of "Love on a Ladder" was particularly lyrical and beautifully danced by Joanne O'Hara and Domy Reiter Soffer who choreographed this Dazzling Ballet to music of Dave Brobeck".
Mary Mac Goris- (The Irish Press).

"Moods"music by Dave Brobeck, the Jazz ballet which created such a sensation on Monday night, once again made tremendous impact. The ballet is full of style and interesting choreography by Domy Reiter Soffer who danced the beautiful duet with Joanne O'Hara "Love of a Ladder" that brought the house down. Also the funny 20's scene with its quirky exciting movement showed the company at its best. This ballet is so completely different than anything that the Irish Theatre Ballet has attempted before that its force was all the greater. The audience was so appreciative that the company had to take many curtain calls. Bravo Domy Reiter Soffer".
Gus Finegan-(The Independent).

"Finally "Moods" was the most challenging ballet, dance to compulsive Jazz music of Dave Brobeck, with many rhythms and features some of the best interpretive dancing to be seen. The dancing in "Nineteen Hundred Plus Twenty" is outstanding and funny, and the imagery throughout is very well sustained with the duet "Love of a Ladder" Danced by the choreographer Domy Reiter Soffer was a indeed a treat. This is a cleverly conceived ballet that entertains and excites".
Carolyn Swift-(The Irish Times).

"An electrifying ballet in the Jazz idiom was the highlight of the evening and should be seen by anyone who is interested in this particular idiom. Entitled "Moods" Music by Dave Brobeck, Choreographed by Domy Reiter soffer. Its introduction depicts the rush of modern life, wherein everyone rushes frantically around, desperately trying to get somewhere. This followed by Jazz 1- a cool atmosphere full of exciting dancing. Next comes a 1920 scene typical of that period with energetic Charleston and a marvelous sense of comedy, this scene captured the imagination of the audience. "Love of a ladder" shows the meeting and the parting of lovers, superbly danced by Joanne O'Hara and Domy Reiter Soffer. Finally Mood 2 with the full company dancing up a storm that one felt one should go up there with them. The audience received the ballet uproariously, and many people were heard to say that they would come to see the ballet many more times. The choreography of Reiter Soffer was absolutely brilliant showing the versatility of the dancers and a new departure for the Irish Theatre Ballet Company. All round this ballet made an electrifying impact on the viewer".
John Percival- (The Times).

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