The Emperor and the Nightingle-Hong Kong Ballet

“The Emperor and the Nightingale”
Reviews of the European tour

“The Hong Kong Ballet at the Ludwigsburg Forum invited by the Stuttgart Cultural Society became an instant success on the opening night of its European tour. The Emperor and the Nightingale is a poetic work, choreographically and visually exciting. The moment the curtain rises with the three half bare Drummers you are drawn into a sumptuous oriental spectacle. Domy Reiter soffer is a well- known choreographer who has worked throughout the five continents and who has created many important works. The Ballet is based on the Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tale story is a Journey to self-truth and fulfillment in search of Life's beauty.
The ballet feeds on the Chinese traditions fused with modern and classical technique. Court ladies, strong fighting men and of course the different forest animals that are part of the Chinese folklore, a Lion, Monkeys, Frogs and a Nightingale etc… all depicted in a hilarious and interesting movement . The Emperor ( Liang Jing) dances the role like a blue blooded Aristocrat his demanding solos and duets were danced with a great skill and virtuosity as his counter part the maid and the beautiful Nightingale Erico Ochiai who mesmerized the audience with her highly technical solos and moving performance. The Emperor and the Nightingale is a triumph for the Hong Kong Ballet and no doubt they will have a great success on their tour”.
(Horst Koegler- Stuttgart Seitung 24 TH October 2000)


“The Emperor and the Nightingale is a great success for The Hong Kong Ballet on their first tour to Germany Switzerland and The Saltsburg Festival. An oriental romance full of eastern promise, based on Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tale story. An Emperor who hears a song of a Nightingale and asks his minister and court to search the forest and bring it back to the palace.
The choreographer Domy Reiter Soffer creates an atmosphere full of fantasy and spectacular dancing that transport the audience into a mythical realm. From the Palace to the forest scenes intertwine with the magical dancing of the different animal including the beautiful solo of the Nightingale danced by Erico Ochiai with tenderness and technical skill that made one fill with wonder. The Emperor Mr. He Dawei skillfully dances the imposing solos and duets with panache and expertise. I found the whole production most moving and especially the stunning last scene. The Company no doubt will continue the rest of their tour with a triumph”.
(A .Fastbender-Das Magzin 29 th October 2000).


“Cheers and applause greeted the Hong Kong Ballet in last night performance of the Emperor and the Nightingale based on Hans Christian Anderson's Fairy tale Story. This was really a first class happening and a wonderful Poetry of dance choreographed by Domy Reiter-Soffer. This three-act ballet creates a colourful spectacle, which immediately captivates the audience by its theatricality, and interesting choreography. The style is a fusion of classical, modern and oriental movement, and the ballet on the whole is a demonstration of perfection that immediately creates an impact on the audience. The Music by Richard Tsang is orchestral with three huge Drummers bare to the waist drumming throughout the ballet and create a wonderful exciting visual. The dancers Fei Leung as the maid Michael Wang as the minister and especially both Erico Ochiai as the real Nightingale and So Han-Wah as the Mechanical Bird made an impact to this moving and exotic tale ballet”.
(Von Manfred Herker- Volkszeitung 5 th November 2000)


“The Emperor and the Nightingale is Sheer Oriental poetry a stunning choreography full of invention, turning a fairy tale story into a theatrical experience”.
( Rudigar Neuzel- Kultur 10 th November 2000)


“The Hong Kong Ballet closes the Saltsburg Festival with one of the most interesting contribution of the Festival “The Emperor and the Nightingale” choreography by Domy Reiter Soffer. A sumptuous glittering production full of theatricality and reason d'Etre. An evening that was sparkling with excellent dancing from members of the company and fit for a festival such as this. The evocative orchestral music of Richard Tsang with Three huge drummers made an immediate impact and the scenes enfold with grace and beauty that is oriental yet western as well. Reiter Soffer builds the scenes, like the search for the Nightingale, the Palace, and the dreamy duets and solos, which are technically demanding with such expertise and choreographical surprises that creates a dance theatre at its best”.
( K.Witterstatter- Saltsburg Seitung Kultur 29 th October 2000).


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